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June 2011

4 Issues to consider when buying property to rent

Renting office space and residential property can be a lucrative income stream to those with the means to do so.  But before you start searching for office space to buy in Sandton, you might want to consider what becoming someone or some business’s landlord means.

Penthouse pad for the world’s 39th richest billionaire

Sure the investment car says you have some cash, but there’s nothing quite like a penthouse apartment to say you have substance. According to Jim Norton, American stand-up comedian, with his very own Trump apartment on the Upper West Side, there’s nothing quite like floor-to-ceiling windows to peel the skirt off any woman.

What to consider when buying residential property in Sandton

When it comes to buying property, location is everything. And not just for office space, but for residential property as well. Many prospective buyers become fixated on finding the right property in terms of space, size and architecture while failing to take the location into proper consideration. Before you buy office space and before you buy residential property, do the following: