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August 2011

Benefits of a property manager for office space to let

Considering that Sandton is the wealthiest square mile in Africa, owning office space to let there is a great investment opportunity. For those owners not looking to go into the property management themselves, there’s the option to outsource. The following lists the benefits of hiring a property manager for your office space to let.

Sandton City a drawcard for property owners in Sandton

Africa’s trendiest city is set to get even trendier as the extension to the area’s biggest attraction, Sandton City, is almost complete. The shopping centre owned by Liberty Group and Pareto (Ltd), has been undergoing renovations for the new Protea Court which will be open to the public in November this year.

How to sell an investment property

Even though the buy-to-let property segment was hardest hit by the recession, such an investment property in Sandton still promises good returns over the long term. Why? The recession has equally affected buyers, leaving them with high debt and minimal disposable income, forcing them to lease property instead of buying it.

Johannesburg a global destination, says MasterCard

According to a recent survey by MasterCard, Johannesburg is the third most visited city in Africa and the Middle East, next to Dubai and Cairo. The MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities tracks the human dimension of globalization by tracking individuals’ cross-border spending. Based on these statistics, the international franchisor was able to determine the most visited cities in the world.

Sheep not permitted at Sandton offices

Metro police impounded the wire sheep outside Bang & Olufson Sandton offices last week, charging them a whopping R2,000 fine. The sheep were displayed on the lawn outside in an attempt to bring a piece of home to the South Africa branch of the company.  The top-line electronic acoustic appliance company hails from Struer, Denmark, where flocks of sheep openly graze in the field in which the head office are …Read More