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January 2012

A new milieu of property development excellence

Currently there are 45 sections of prime AAA-Grade office space being marketed with various size allocations, including basement parking, storerooms and balconies, ensuring an entry level price of R3, 9m. Major buyers would have the exclusive option to purchase entire floors. There will be six levels of parking provided for the office space section of the building.

A new global landmark in Africa’s CBD

Katherine & West is conveniently situated on the corner of the two streets – West and Katherine. The site is located immediately adjacent to the Sandton Gautrain Station and the bus transport system with routes running down West and Rivonia Road. Apart from the ease of transport and easy access, numerous high-end hotels and accommodations surround the site, adding to the allure and value of the site. The Grayston offramp …Read More

Office Space Considerations For Your Business

Finding the right office space is even more crucial than locating the right place to live. Where a person lives is important for quality of life but finding the right spot from which to run your business is about survival. We’ve all seen those cursed places where every company or restaurant that opens its doors ends up closing them a short time later. Selecting the right address for your business …Read More

A Few Apartment Amenities All Luxury Penthouses Should Include

Some of the world’s best penthouses have been featured in movies and call out to the rich and famous to enjoy their fabulous features when they swoop into town for an appearance. Even though the rich and famous really don’t appreciate all of these perks, if you’re exploring living in a penthouse, you’ll definitely want to explore all of the penthouse apartment amenities so you can get the most out …Read More