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February 2012

What Property Investment Can Do for You!

Over the years property investment has been seen by many as an attractive venture. This has in the main been due to its high income yield and the fact that it performs well during periods of stable economic growth. With the last 15 years providing an extremely stable economy, many people interested in property investment in the South Africa are holding back due to fears that they could lose money should this period of economic stability end. Below we …Read More

High End Living In the Sky: Penthouse Condo Units

According to the Oxford Dictionary a penthouse is defined as “an apartment on the top floor of a tall building, typically luxuriously fitted and offering fine views.” This definition does not do justice to these glamorous residences that have developers competing for building the best of penthouse living. Attracting the wealthiest of the wealthy, builders scramble to create the ultimate luxury living to accommodate the high standards expected from a …Read More