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High-end Homes

House of The Future

How will houses look in half a century? There are many versions today: people talk about new strange architecture, unusual materials and designer decisions and technical innovations. But pragmatic experts remind us about one more important factor that will influence the architecture and design of houses in the coming decades. They say that the main tendency in building will be creating such houses, in which comfort and functionality will be …Read More

High End Living In the Sky: Penthouse Condo Units

According to the Oxford Dictionary a penthouse is defined as “an apartment on the top floor of a tall building, typically luxuriously fitted and offering fine views.” This definition does not do justice to these glamorous residences that have developers competing for building the best of penthouse living. Attracting the wealthiest of the wealthy, builders scramble to create the ultimate luxury living to accommodate the high standards expected from a …Read More

A Few Apartment Amenities All Luxury Penthouses Should Include

Some of the world’s best penthouses have been featured in movies and call out to the rich and famous to enjoy their fabulous features when they swoop into town for an appearance. Even though the rich and famous really don’t appreciate all of these perks, if you’re exploring living in a penthouse, you’ll definitely want to explore all of the penthouse apartment amenities so you can get the most out …Read More

Control your high-end home from your iPad

We’ve all heard of home automation, but app developers now let you automate your home from your iPad. From heating and cooling to music and curtains, these apps now let you run your home, even when you’re away from home. We’ve found the top three iPad high-end home automation apps.