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Property Advice

Property Developers Your Best Buddy

Do you have a property that needs renovation? Do you have plans in property investment? If your answer is yes, then property developers can help you. Before a property becomes a real property, proper developments is needed, especially if you are going to use it for your investment. Property developers have a wide range of knowledge and skills on how your property can become a really promising property. It is …Read More

Smart Property Development Solutions

With fastest networking abilities and bulk resources development of any property has got a sharp edge in the contemporary situation. The traditional modes of property development have now largely become obsolete in the advent of smart and innovative technologies. Thousands of developers are now available to provide right solutions for any kind of development projects. In this jet set age they are just one click away when you really need …Read More

Property development finance could be the answer

The thing that sets property development finance apart from other more traditional forms of finance is the fact that until the property has actually been designed and constructed, it may have very little value. The land the property is to be built upon will have some residual value, but will not cover the cost of repaying the full loan amount if it remains an empty piece of land.

Residential property: build or buy?

It used to be more cost effective to build your own residence, until the recession and reduction of property prices, as well as increasing building costs made it the more expensive option. In fact, Stats SA released a report earlier this year showing that the value of plans approved by large municipalities had increased by 4,9% in the first half of the year compared to the same period the year …Read More

Benefits of a property manager for office space to let

Considering that Sandton is the wealthiest square mile in Africa, owning office space to let there is a great investment opportunity. For those owners not looking to go into the property management themselves, there’s the option to outsource. The following lists the benefits of hiring a property manager for your office space to let.

How to sell an investment property

Even though the buy-to-let property segment was hardest hit by the recession, such an investment property in Sandton still promises good returns over the long term. Why? The recession has equally affected buyers, leaving them with high debt and minimal disposable income, forcing them to lease property instead of buying it.

What to consider when buying residential property in Sandton

When it comes to buying property, location is everything. And not just for office space, but for residential property as well. Many prospective buyers become fixated on finding the right property in terms of space, size and architecture while failing to take the location into proper consideration. Before you buy office space and before you buy residential property, do the following: