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Property News

Green buildings to become law in South Africa

The South African Bureau of Standards has defined green building regulations for South Africa to come into effect this month. While not compulsory for all buildings, the regulations stipulate methods and material to be used in new buildings, and are mandatory for new energy-consuming structures such as government social housing, schools, office buildings, and hospitals. These new regulations will become the standard for all buildings over the next 10 years.

Inner-city housing still yields returns

According to the recent Rode & Associates report on South African property, inner-city housing is outperforming suburbs. In fact, inner-city bachelor flats are up 37% over two years averaging between R1 980 and R2 725 per month. Average growth of rentals is contrasted at a meager 4%. This makes inner-city housing a great investment, or so say the Trust for Urban Housing Finance (TUHF) and International Housing Solutions.

Penthouse pad for the world’s 39th richest billionaire

Sure the investment car says you have some cash, but there’s nothing quite like a penthouse apartment to say you have substance. According to Jim Norton, American stand-up comedian, with his very own Trump apartment on the Upper West Side, there’s nothing quite like floor-to-ceiling windows to peel the skirt off any woman.